Advanced Timber Structures

xylo- /ˈzʌɪləʊ/; zīˈlō; wood
tek- /tɛk/; technical; technique

Xylotek specialises in the design and delivery of advanced timber structures. We offer bespoke specialist consultancy, production and erection services at all project stages from concept to built realisation.

Based in the UK and working internationally, we provide unique depth of knowledge of timber construction combined with technical and design expertise.

Working with architects, engineers and directly with clients, we connect digital design and fabrication techniques with capability in practical delivery, driven by a passionate understanding of the complexities of wood.


We speak the languages of architecture, engineering and fabrication –
uniquely connecting disciplines to realise exceptional projects in wood

We design and deliver – working as consultants and contractors to ensure continuity of quality in timber structures

We have leading expertise in both engineered wood (CLT, glulam) and timber in its more natural forms – researching and deploying advanced wood technologies