Feature Façade - BBC Earth Experience

BBC Earth Experience is a ground-breaking new attraction offering visitors the chance to experience the extraordinary diversity of our seven unique continents on the most epic scale featuring bespoke narration from David Attenborough. The venue in Earl’s Court will feature a larch timber façade with the Experience logo cut-out in Douglas fir over the face of it.

Project Year


Xylotek Role

Design-development, fabrication and installation.

Project Team

Main Contractor: ES Global Solutions || Architects: Woo Architects || Engineer: Corbett & Tasker

Photo Credits

Tristop Media courtesy of ES Global


The BBC Earth Experience, a trailblazing new attraction that promises to immerse visitors in the stunning diversity of our planet's seven continents, is located in Earl's Court. It features a captivating narrative by David Attenborough. On arrival to this experience is a striking larch timber façade, adorned with the BBC Earth Experience logo intricately cut out in Douglas fir, which creates a visually compelling frontage.

Xylotek was tasked with the detailed design, fabrication, and installation of this external timber façade, a project contracted through ES Global Solutions. The process unfolded with meticulous precision at Xylotek's Bristol workshop. The larch fins were crafted into panel groups, measuring approximately 2.5m x 8.1m, with 16 of these pre-fabricated panels forming the core of the façade.

The Douglas fir lettering, including the striking silhouette of a child reaching upwards within the lettering, was another focal point of this project. Each piece of lettering was carefully cut, sanded, and finished in-house. The lettering was CNC'd.

Beyond the façade, the project also included a canopy roof structure, adding another layer of complexity and innovation. This part of the project involved 97 joists, each shaped using a 4-axis CNC. The plywood sheets, affixed to these joists, were then coated with a single ply membrane, ensuring durability and longevity.

The entire process, from the initial detailing to the final installation, reflects a unique approach that blends practical construction expertise with intellectual innovation. By overseeing every step of this process in-house, from the fabrication of the timber elements to their final installation, this ensured seamless integration and delivery of this high quality project, with a blend of precision and creativity.

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