Xylotek is currently working on a number of CLT projects, including multi-storey buildings. We also have experience small-run bespoke CLT for highly specific applications, in which the lay-up configuration can be made bespoke to particular structural or geometric requirements.

Cross Laminated Timber

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is a technique for creating large structural solid wood panels from sawn timber boards. The boards are glued together side-by-side in layers, with each layer alternating in direction at right-angles - creating a large unified and structurally stable panel of wood ideal for application in multi-storey wall-and-slab construction.


Through grading, scanning and finger-jointing to control the number of flaws in the wood, and by ensuring any remaining flaws are well-distributed through the build-up, a highly consistent product is created. These strategies also means that relatively low-grade timber can be used.

Bespoke pre-fabrication

Each panel can be automatically and precisely cut to shape using CNC technology, allowing openings and other bespoke features to be created whilst maintaining the structural continuity of the panel.

Carbon and installation benefits

CLT, as a mass timber product, is an excellent carbon sink, and is growing as a mainstream construction material. As a prefabricated component system, CLT enables rapid installation with cleaner building sites and fewer deliveries when compared to construction with other materials.

CLT procurement

CLT production is dominated by central European factories, with the majority being made from Norway or Sitka Spruce. New facilities are growing in other parts of Europe and Scandinavia, and in the US. Xylotek has close connections with a number of suppliers and can best match products and projects.