Rising Phoenix Staircase - Mamou-Mani

Xylotek researched and developed this conceptual design of twisted lath elements and glue-laminated treads to create a bespoke stair installation for Mammou-Mani architects.

Project Year


Xylotek Role

R&D, design-detailing, fabrication and installation

Project Team

Arthur Mammou-Mani,

Photo Credits

Martin Phelps


Xylotek undertook extensive research and development to bring to life the visionary design of twisted lath elements and glue-laminated treads, collaborating with Mammou-Mani architects to create a unique stair installation.

Drawing inspiration from the graceful unfurling of wings and the intricate articulation of feathers, we are on the verge of unveiling an extraordinary bespoke staircase. This design has been meticulously crafted using advanced wood steam bending techniques developed in the Xylotek workshop, resulting in a captivating sense of lightness and seamless motion.

Through a fusion of technical expertise in steam bending and parametric design principles, The Rising Phoenix emerges as an unparalleled project that embraces innovation and dynamism. It seamlessly weaves the interplay of shadows, mesmerizing torsion, and undeniable elegance, all achieved with readily available timber, thereby minimizing wastage.

The project will be completed later this year, and the story will be shared.

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