Sport Pavilion - Balliol College Oxford

stacked chestnut beams

Balliol Colllege Sport Pavilion, Oxford University // Specialist installation and interface detail design of glulam chestnut structure // Main Contractor: Red // Architect: Niall McLaughlin Architects

Project Year


Xylotek Role

Specialist Consultancy, Installation and Detail Design

Project Team

Architect: Niall McLaughlin // Main Contractor : BAM // Engineer: Smith and Wallwork

Photo Credits

Nick Kane (completed building photos)


Xylotek played a pivotal role in the installation, planning and design of the sports pavilion at Balliol College, Oxford, as part of the multi-phased Master's Field development. The lightweight and highly bespoke timber structure, made from sweet chestnut wood, frames panoramic views of the cricket pitch through sliding windows that lead onto an elevated covered terrace. The pavilion features a full-sized squash court, changing facilities, and a multi-purpose hall for hosting cricket teas and recreational gatherings.

Xylotek's responsibility extended to detailing the interfaces between the timber structure and the waterproof enclosure to ensure optimal user control. To carefully control the finish of the structure, the team planned, sequenced, and delivered the hand-powered installation, demonstrating excellent teamwork.

Xylotek's attention to detail and expertise in timber detailing and fabrication ensured that the sports pavilion was functional and visually striking. The sweet chestnut wood structure and intricate lattice ceiling create a welcoming and impressive space for students, professors, and visitors alike. The hall's intricate stacked timber lattice ceiling, with integrated clerestory and perimeter lighting, offers a stunning focal point for the pavilion.

Overall, the sports pavilion at Balliol College is a stunning example of Xylotek's timber detailing and fabrication expertise. Its lightweight and bespoke timber structure, panoramic views, and ample space for sporting events and recreational gatherings make it a valuable addition to the Master's Field development.

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