Xylotek Features in "Bio Spaces: Regenerative & Resilient Futures" Exhibition

Xylotek is proud to participate in the "Bio Spaces: Regenerative & Resilient Futures" exhibition at the Roca London Gallery, curated by Planted and Oliver Heath. This event focuses on sustainable, ecologically resilient architecture through the integration of biotechnology and innovative design.

Among the featured projects are the Xylotek breakout cabanas, developed in partnership with Mami Mami architects, which embody our commitment to sustainable timber solutions and environmentally conscious construction.

The exhibition is open to the public until 30th Sept. For more details, visit the Roca London Gallery’s website here. We invite everyone interested in sustainable architectural practices to explore these innovative approaches.

About the author:
Ollie Ley
Marketing & Client Relationship Manager

Ollie joined us from the tech industry and hopes to expand the industry's access to timber construction.


Cabanas - Orange HQ

Paris office breakout pavilions

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