Orange Cabanas

steam bent ash lamellas

Paris office breakout pavilions

Project Year


Xylotek Role

Timber detailed design, fabrication and installtion

Project Team

Architect: Mamou Manu Architects // Enginerr: Format Engineers

Photo Credits

Workshop photos: Martin Phelps

Work with Mamou-Mani Architects and Format Engineers, Xylotek were responsible for the timber detailing, fabrication and installation of a pair of 'Cabana' break-out pavilions that formed part of Mamou-Mani's work within the new Paris HQ of Orange Telecoms. Each Cabana is formed of a pair of curved screens that consists of steam-bend ash lamellas in the form of sinuous 2.5m high ribs and filigree infill elements, also steam bent, between them. The rib geometries were determined through iterative digital form-finding and physical prototyping - to create optimised forms that could be created from initially straight planks and curved into twisting and bending shapes. A testing phase was needed to determine to amount of over-bending needed to account for the spring-back that occurs when pieces are taken out of the steam bending jigs.

Team Cabana:
Architects:  @mamoumani Mamou-Mani ltd. (Arthur Mamou-Mani, Bilal Mian, Carmen Hu, Theophile Péju, Krishna Bhat, Shalom Osuchukwu)
Fabrication/Timber Detailing:  @Xylotekltd Xylotek Ltd. (Martin Self, Tom Dawson, Oscar Emanuel, Chris Lemka and team)
Structural Engineers: @formatengineers Format Engineering

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