Celebrating the Wood Awards 2022

ABBA Arena, Brent Cross Pavilion and Balliol College Pavilion

The Wood Awards ceremony in November 2022 was a fantastic night for the recognition of outstanding timber projects. The shortlisted projects and category winners blew Team Xylotek away with their creativity, ingenuity and beauty. Below are three entries which Xylotek were involved in, read on for more project information.

ABBA Arena

The ABBA Arena was shortlisted and won the Commercial & Leisure category! We are delighted that a project of this scale has been recognized for how unique and exciting it is. Being the world’s largest demountable concert venue, this building is a stand-out in Xylotek’s portfolio as well as in the wider timber industry. To explore the ABBA Arena and see team credits head to project page here.

Team Xylotek and other project teams accepting the award for best Commercial & Leisure Project!

Brent Cross Pavilion

Team Xylotek were involved in the early design-stage work on this Highly Commended project. The spruce CLT and Glulam frame forms the main structure of the pavilion. The use of prefabricated timber throughout the pavilion contributed to a low carbon footprint, minimal construction waste and a fast and efficient construction programme. It’s great to see the finished result shortlisted in the Commercial & Leisure category. Thanks to the project team below for producing such a beautiful building. Head to the project page here to see team credits.  

Balliol College Pavilion

Xylotek carried out the design-development and installation of this visually pleasing and structurally intricate pavilion located in Balliol College, Oxford. The sweet chestnut stacked timber ceiling is as much a structural feature as architectural, as it transfers the roof load back down to the timber columns. This project was shortlisted for the Education & Public Sector category, a warm congratulations to the project team. Find the team credits and more information here.

Our team came back from the ceremony full of joy and motivation, it was a great opportunity to not only see the variety and innovation of entries but also speak with all the teams involved in these projects. Congratulations to all the incredible projects that won and were shortlisted.
Thank you to the Wood Awards, Timber Development UK and American Hardwood Export Council for creating such a wonderful occasion, looking forward to next year!

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Ellen Oliver
Practice Manager


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