Xylotek featured in the "Design Icons: Made in Bristol" exhibition

We are pleased to share that Xylotek has been selected to participate in the upcoming "Design Icons: Made in Bristol" exhibition hosted by The Stradling Gallery. This event is part of the city's celebration of its 650-year history as a city and county.

Celebrating a Collective Creative Identity

Situated within the design focused Stradling Collection, the exhibition presents a holistic view of Bristol's creative vibrancy. Xylotek shares this platform with other notable names like Aardman, Amalgam, Kinneir Dufort, and Limbs & Things, representing a diverse range of creative disciplines thriving within Bristol. This eclectic assembly underscores Bristol's contemporary relevance as a haven for innovation.

Bristol's legacy as a hub of innovation is deeply rooted in historical milestones. From the 18th-century Bristol porcelain industry to the pioneering transport plans by Brunel, the city's commitment to pushing boundaries is palpable. This legacy carries through the work of modern figures such as Crofton Gane and Ken Stradling, underscoring Bristol's ongoing role as a nurturing ground for creative endeavours.

This exhibition allows a glimpse into Xylotek, highlighting the convergence of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation. Through an exploration of our creations and evolution, visitors can gain insights into Xylotek's contribution to the field of design and the larger discussions on sustainability.

Your Invitation to Engage

For those interested in exploring the "Design Icons: Made in Bristol" exhibition, tickets can be purchased at a price of £3 per person. Friends of the Stradling Collection enjoy complimentary entry. This exhibition provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in Bristol's design legacy and its evolving creative landscape.

For opening times and more details click here.

As Xylotek takes its place among Bristol's creative contributors, we humbly acknowledge our role within the larger narrative of design innovation. The "Design Icons: Made in Bristol" exhibition offers a moment to reflect on the confluence of craftsmanship, innovation, and the city's nurturing environment that has facilitated our journey.

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