Pushing Timber Boundaries: Xylotek’s CPD Offering

At Xylotek, we offer CPD presentations to businesses around the UK and Europe. A CPD, which stands for Continuing Professional Development, presentation run by Xylotek is part of our drive to inspire and educate the construction industry about the complexities and capabilities of timber in our built environment.  

We present across the country to architects, designers, and engineering practices; main contractors; and educational institutions.  

Our CPD presentations are usually driven by Martin Self and/or Oscar Emanuel. The importance of education, industry challenge and collaboration is at the core of the business and is key to unlocking timber’s potential within the built environment.  

Martin Self has the led way in innovative timber structures since 2005. He is an expert in timber technologies. Martin trained as an aerospace engineer and has studied architecture theory. With his diverse knowledge in these areas, he bridges the gap between ambitious design and structural capabilities.

Oscar is our resident expert in the international timber industry. Having worked in wood construction in Canada, the US, and now in the UK, he has a breadth of understanding of international supply chains and suppliers. He is the go-to man to source the most suitable fabrication for any design, and to navigate challenges in delivery.  He believes in the role of timber construction being paramount for more sustainable futures, and more aesthetically pleasing architecture.  

A Xylotek CPD presentation is unique, progressive and engaging.  

The topic and focus of each CPD can be modified to fit the intended audience – offering a unique educational experience for each event. Topics include, but are not limited to the following -

Pushing Timber Boundaries; Timber Technologies; Project Case Studies on Demountable Design, Advanced Geometric Form-finding, and Low-Carbon Timber Futures.  

Contact our team via info@xylotek.co.uk to find out more about how a CPD from Xylotek can enhance your timber knowledge.  

About the author:
Ellen Oliver
Practice Manager


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