FutureScape 2023's Public Spaces Expo

Xylotek is participating in the upcoming Public Spaces Expo, a segment of FutureScape 2023, on 21st November. Martin Self from Xylotek will be a guest speaker at a seminar discussing the Osnaburgh Street Pavilion project. The event, organised by Maylim, will be held at the Public Spaces Theatre, starting at 11:00 am.

The seminar, entitled 'Regent’s Place Revitalised: Exploring British Land's Green Transformation', will address the development of the Osnaburgh Street Pavilion. It will feature a panel comprising experts involved in the project, discussing various roles and perspectives. Xylotek's engagement in this project will be a point of focus during the discussion.

Further details about the seminar and  register for tickets head to the FutureScape 2023 event page here.

About the author:
Ollie Ley
Marketing & Client Relationship Manager

Ollie joined us from the tech industry and hopes to expand the industry's access to timber construction.


Osnaburgh Street Pavilions - Regents Place

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