Best-in-Show Rebuilt at Bristol Botanic Gardens

Following the success at Chelsea Flower Show in 2021, the award-winning bamboo obelisks have been installed in the University of Bristol's Botanical Gardens to ensure a second-life for the structures.

In the summer of 2021, Xylotek developed and fabricated the five bamboo gridshell structures for the Guangzhou Garden which went on to receive the Best-in-Show Garden award. In collaboration with Grant Associates and The Outdoor Room, these geometric towers provided a nod to the Chinese-inspired landscaping with the use of sustainably-sourced bamboo and brought an element of interest and height to the garden.

For those that didn't catch the towers whilst they were displayed at Chelsea can visit them at their new home in Bristol! The team at The University of Bristol Botanic Gardens have installed the towers within their garden space for the public to view and walk around. The planting surrounding the towers incorporates many chinese flora as a nod to the original intent and roots of the exhibition at Chelsea. As the Botanic Garden will be open all year round, the University team have curated the garden as a permanent fixture.
This provides the ideal setting for the towers to have a second life - something we encourage with all our exhibition-style projects! We're looking forward to seeing how the bamboo weathers and changes over time as part of the natural life-cycle of the timber.

Congratulations to the University of Bristol, the Botanic Gardens staff and volunteers and Grant Associates for enabling this wonderful venture. We cannot wait to see how the planting fills out over the summer!
The Xylotek team went to support the unveiling and opening event of the towers in May 2024.

About the author:
Ellen Oliver
Practice Manager


Bamboo Structures - Guangzhou Garden

Xylotek devloped and fabricated a set of five laminated bamboo strucutres for Grant Associates' award-winning Guangzhou Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

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