Digital Futures Institute - University of Bristol

Mass Timber Research Hub

Project Year


Xylotek Role

Design, Supply, Installation

Project Team

Architect: AHMM, Main Contractor: Aztech, Structural Engineers: Milner Associates

Photo Credits

Martin Phelps


In the redevelopment of Bristol's Temple Quarter, Xylotek contributed to the University of Bristol's TQEC Research Hub as part of the larger Innovation Campus.

Tasked with the incorporation of modern educational spaces into a heritage context, Xylotek executed the design, supply and installation of a mass Douglas Fir Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) and glulam structure that will house a mezzanine level, conference rooms, and a large auditorium for the Bristol Digital Futures Institute. This development delicately intersected with the pre-existing Victorian industrial building, the Coal Shed, which required a respectful and synergistic approach to construction.

The project, under the architectural guidance of AHMM and the management of main contractor Aztech, was supported by the structural expertise of Milner Associates. As advanced specialists, Xylotek utilises modern methods of construction, leading the timber design, fabrication and installation with close cross-team collaboration to ensure the realisation and delivery of the timber structure.

Xylotek’s specialist knowledge in timber was essential to the project, facilitating the integration of modern construction methods with the historical aspects of the site. The company's role was a component of the collaborative effort to meet the project's goals and the client's expectations.

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