Bridge Boardwalk - Canada Dock

Project Year


Xylotek Role

Design, supply, fabrication and installation.

Project Team

Main Contractor: Galldris | Architect: Asif Khan | Structural engineering: Whitby Wood | Steel engineering and fabrication: SH Structures

Photo Credits

Render: Asif Khan | Photo: Galldris


The Canada Dock project is part of the larger redevelopment of the 53-acre area surrounding Canada Water. This initiative includes the construction of a 150-meter-long boardwalk, inspired by the historical Surrey Docks and designed by architect Asif Khan, to reflect the Rotherhithe Peninsula's heritage.

The design incorporates curved panels for the decking, a choice that balances aesthetic considerations with material efficiency. The project uses sustainably sourced timber, adhering to FSC standards. The selection of product finishes was guided by the need to harmonize the structure with the local environment, particularly the water and wildlife areas.

The construction integrates a primary steel structure with timber elements such as decking, balustrades, and cantilevered fins. This blend of materials is aimed at enhancing the boardwalk's functionality while preserving a natural aesthetic and respecting the area's historical context.  

The steel components of the project are being managed through coordination with various subcontractors to Xylotek, ensuring a cohesive construction process. In Bristol, the manufacturing of specific elements like balustrade cassettes and curved deck panels is undertaken in Xylotek’s workshop with a focus on precision. The distinct cantilevered fins are produced by subcontractors.

An additional facet of the project involves the careful removal and storage of the Deal Porters Sculpture, which is planned for refurbishment and reinstallation upon the boardwalk's completion.

The Canada Dock project is expected to be completed in early 2024, with ongoing updates providing insight into its progress and key milestones.

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